I love using colour and making patterns. It started while I was at school learning to print. Creating shapes and seeing how they can produce patterns and picking colours to help show off it and reflex the feel. Many of my designs are from places I have lived.

I created my designs digital and picked a few to create into fabric. Becoming a fabric designer has allowed me to be creative again and focus on something positive while managing my illness. 



Once I have my design printed on to the fabric of my choice. We make each cushion, flannel, wash bag and cleansing pad by hand at home on our sewing machine. It is part of my recovery and is something I enjoy because of this each product is slightly different and we only make small batches. The fabric is printed in the UK and all design are developed in Corsham, Wiltshire (near Bath) as well as being handmade here.


We take a-lot of care of our products and make sure they are cared for on its way to you.

As well as our online store we have products in stores close by and often take part in local fairs and events. Though due to COVID we have stopped fairs at the moment.