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How Dangerous is sewing?

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen back in August I hurt my wrist sewing. Never thought I would hurt myself sewing. I had a sharp pain around my thumb and wrist and couldn't use to hand.

I have been having treatment and still cant use my thumb as I have problems with my tendon. Being my left hand and being left handed if so frustrating, I want to get on and sew more bags/cushion and make new designs/drawings. I have a hospital appointment in December so hopefully it will be able to get better.

So I apologise for not updating with my bags, cushions and new designs online but as soon as my wrist is better I can put them online.

"The come back is always stronger then the set back"

I will keep you update with my wrist and hopefully making more cushions and bags, so i can put them online.


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