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What about 2020?

I'm a bit late at updating this but Happy New Year! What is going to happen in 2020?

To be honest I have no idea, I guess like most people. I am rubbish at planning so that is something I want to work on, mainly with my business. Learning more about how social media works.

I am continuing with my design course online and have made a few new designs, defiantly turning into 70s patterns. I am still learning so who knows where my designs will end up. Hoping to make some more bags to put online as at the moment all our bags are in stores, ( which is great). Id love to bring out another fabric in the spring.

I would like to get my Invisible Illness cards out and about more and raise even more money for Action ME. I would like to work with people/business about raising awareness for for only ME/CFS but other Invisible Illnesses.

Hopefully I will be doing more at work now that I have started. Having a chronic illness is so up and down I always struggle feeling rough but I defiantly managing it better.

'Be Brave enough to be bad at something new'.

One thing about writing these updates (I don't think I can call it blog haha) means I can look back on them in a few year and see how things have changed, Im sure they will.

I might be able to work full time, with this business or another. There might be a cure or treatment for ME/CFS.

Thanks for reading,


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