Hello, I'm Laura 

Based in Wiltshire I started a Design Business in 2018. It happened when I became ill and could no longer work. I found my passion for all things creative and started making birthday cards for friends when I felt well enough.

The idea then came about to make greeting cards for people with invisible illnesses to send to friends and family to help people have conversations about their condition and asking for help if needed. When ever someone buys one of ours cards a percentage goes towards the charity Action for ME. Take a look at their website below:



I have always loved being creative and thrived in art at school. After years working in the Retail Industry I lost time to be creative. Having the illness was life changing but it gave me the chance to be creative again. I have taught myself how to design digitally and also did a few evening lesson in screen printing.​


What We Make

Invisible Illness Cards

Greeting Cards for people with Invisible Illnesses to send to family and friends.

Greeting Cards

Gorgeous colourful dotty square  occasion greeting cards.


Wash Bags

This is our first fabric print, digitally designed and printed onto Cotton Canvas. We hand make all our wash-bags by hand in Wiltshire. 



Bold, colourful designs, Handmade in Witlshire.

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